What can the solution for automated processing of vendor invoices do, and how can it be beneficial to you?


Are you thinking of switching from manual invoice entry to automatic? Are you unsure about whether this will improve your company quality processes? Would you like to know more about this solution? If you are undecided, take a look at the article.

Manual work with invoices, transcribing data into various systems, making copies... These are standard processes, used mainly by small to mid-size companies, where accounts receivables deal non-stop with vendor invoicing.

Often times, companies are either not aware of a solution, which could save them money, or there is a lack of trust to implement this solution in the company.

Systems for automated document processing have been around for many years. But not until recently has their high level of sophistication been able to provide truly effective help.

A modern system for automated invoice processing can provide you with:

  • The ability to manage even unknown invoices.
    Based on a description of individual fields, it identifies given values, such as due date, price, identification number, account number, etc.

  • Learning experience based on processed invoices.
    Increases detection success rate. (works with built-in knowledge base, which is unique for every customer and is created by the actual use of the system)

  • Integration with other systems.
    Connected with customer systems, accounting systems, ERP. Can use information stored in other systems.

  • Fast implementation at your company.
    The actual implementation at your company is not very demanding time-wise, only taking several weeks at the most.

  • User friendly interface.
    No users have to worry about being able to handle the system. The interface is ergonomic, and basically anyone can handle the work almost immediately.

  • Fast and immediate productivity increase.
    The vendor invoice processing automation is quickly noticeable. Productivity and effectiveness at workplace increases.

You will be able to take advantage of these functions provided you use the following during solution implementation:

  • high quality scanner

  • modern system for data detection on invoices

  • accounting system

Automated invoice processing will contribute to the smooth running of your company

If you would like to improve the competitive advantage of your company, automation is one of the first elements that helps ensure effective management and the maintenance of company processes and documents. And not only invoices.

Simple document processing, transparent record keeping, and easy tracing are the keys to a well-done job:

  • Process automation.

  • Unified procedure for document processing.

  • Shorter time for document processing, lower personnel costs.

  • Higher quality of data entry.

  • Better accessibility to digitalized and recognized metadata.

Process invoices and all other documents, easily.
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