The meeting as a tool for success: 7 + 1 helpful tips for how to manage a meeting


Periodic meetings are an integral part of a problem-free environment for every company. How do you run a meeting so that everyone is happy and the meeting is actually useful?

Meetings. We can't imagine a functional company without them. Although some participants look at them as a waste of time. But not if you know how to run a meeting well.

For a company, a meeting ensures:

  • Identification of company issues and their analysis.

  • Team building effects.

  • Looking for new solutions to improve "frozen" processes.

  • Team coordination.

  • Employee attention directed at company priorities.

When a meeting is not just a monologue by a manager, it gives all participants a space to share new knowledge and strategies, and it functions as a motivation booster.

7 rules to make meetings more effective

1. Set a clear program and goal

Prior to the meeting, make sure you know what, who, where, when, why, how, and how long:

  • presentation data and materials, agenda

  • meeting chairman, participants

  • day and time

  • a space that is adequate for the number of participants

  • presentation mode

  • what results you expect

  • how long it will take

2. Select a note taker

Meeting minutes serve as basis for following work tasks, such as distribution of assignments. Designate a note taker, who will start taking notes when the meeting begins. This will be helpful for those who are absent, and you will have clear data for the distribution of tasks following the meeting.

3. Summarize and review

Is the meeting a bit longer? At the end, summarize all important points. Some participants do not always pay maximum attention, or they can simply forget. Point out all resolved issues.

4. Stick to your agenda Leave the solution to the end

Try to follow the points in the agenda, which you prepared before the meeting. By doing so, the meeting will be clear to all participants. Do not mix a solution with the course of the discussion. Leave the solution for the end, where you can support it with facts, arguments and numbers.

5. Try to avoid small, useless meetings

Organize one large meeting rather than several small ones. Unless you have an urgent reason to hold a small meeting. Take regular breaks during the meeting, because participant attention declines sharply after 45 minutes.

6. Have an open discussion

Try to involve all participants. Create a positive climate, in which no one is afraid to share their opinion. That is how you gain interesting opinions and ideas, which will move the meeting in the right direction.

7. Stick to your timeline, and don't waste time

Do not needlessly drag out the meeting. End the meeting as scheduled, and try to end on a positive note.

Set an approximate 10-15 minute time limit for each topic to be covered. The total meeting time should not exceed 1 hour.

All these rules will contribute towards running a quality meeting. That said, there is one more rule, which will make your meetings perfect...

8. Use effective tools to manage meeting minutes and action item assignments

According to research, 75% of mid-size and large company managers are unhappy with the ineffectiveness of meetings. Either they do not follow the basic rules, or they do not use the correct tools for managing meeting minutes and action item assignments.

The traditional form of note taking during meetings creates problems, which are connected with the knowledge transfer from the meeting to the responsible person and with the selection and distribution of tasks.

In taking advantage of an electronic tool, you will save yourself a ton of time and headaches, because you have:

  • Meeting minutes accessible in one place with a quick and easy search.

  • Agile work processes management

  • Easy action item searches according to set criteria

  • The monitoring of action items assigned in meetings

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