An error during mail processing can mean big trouble even for a small company...


Are you getting lost in your incoming mail, whether electronic or paper? Are you spending an unbearable amount of time on its processing? Are you unsure where to find a filed document when you need its data? It is high time to consider a system for processing incoming mail.

Incoming mail will be received in a mail box, every morning. Mail will get filed and distributed. The document type of every attachment will be detected. The responsible person will be assigned a task...

Working with paper or electronic mail is a lot of work and a great responsibility. And it can certainly happen that attached documents can get lost, or an entire letter can disappear or its processing delayed.

There is no way to avoid human error.

Processing incoming mail is a critical point of a workflow, where a mistake can occur easily. And it can have grave consequences.

The solution is digitalization of incoming mail and implementation of automated processes, which will strictly eliminate the human error factor.

Start with document entry at your company and let everyone breathe a sigh of relief

Systems for the tracking of incoming mail can process any document form. Mail is stored in an electronic form, and documents are filed in desired folders.

No mail is getting lost or being misplaced. Mail will reach the relevant employees in an electronic form, saving time, improving work speed and keeping documents safe.

And how about having an audit?

Information is stored centrally, and data and documents are quickly filed and easily traced, by, for example, given data, sender, ...Keep your entire administration transparent, including contract storage, invoice processing or order management.

A suitable solution for incoming mail processing means simplicity and effectiveness for every company

There are many solutions on the market, dealing with incoming mail processing. We recommend that you select a professional supplier, who will offer a broad-based solution.

It is important that the system is capable of working with various types of correspondence, with other internal systems, with access authorizations and with the allowance of automatic notifications and the configuration of individual settings.

When the implementation is a success, you can expect only positives:

  • Increased effectiveness of incoming mail processing.

  • Lowered costs associated with document processing.

  • Controlled distribution of correspondence to a relevant place.

  • Automatic filing.

  • Easy tracing and searches.

  • Increased document safety.

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